Are you looking for SMTP for your email marketing software or Interspire server?

SMTP for Interspire server

Interspire is world most popular web based email marketing software. We cann’t run and send email to use interspire directly from hosting or vps server. Server will be ban if we do this.

Sending limitations

We providing SMTP to use interspire or email marketing software. To use this smtp you can send 30,000 email per month. So that per day you have to send 1,000 email. There will be 2 dedicated IP. SMTP Server will send inbox when we provide. After that we are not responsible if you get ban or spam. we recover spam or provide new IP for extra $. Contact us for remove spam and recover server.

Spam and Ban Reason

SMTP will be ban automatically If you send more then 1,000 per day. You should buy more SMTP and use IP rotation addons to avoid spam.

Also your server can get ban If your server or software send spam email continues.

interspire email marketing SMTP

There are another reason to get ban. You have to use fresh and active email for email marketing. Your server will be ban if you send on inactive email list. Because those inactive email send bounce report on server and  this is the common reason to get ban.

So you should verify email list before start sending. We also verify email list. You can contact us for this issue.

You should use more SMTP to send more then 1,000 email per day.

Please check out here to know more about SMTP server.

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