Learn Email Marketing at 50% discount – Limited time offer!

Now you can learn “professional interspire email marketing” at only 150$. This offer will end 21 august 2016.

How can order?
At first you have to send a payment request by complete this  [payment] form. On the option of Discount code please type this code “Learn21a” to get payment request 150$ only.

learn interspire

After complete this form we will send you payment request on your pay request email account with in 1 to 12 hour. You have to complete payment as your selected payment method.

How to start learning?
After complete payment please join this skype id “ohom.group” to get time schedule to start learning. We will guide you through skype and team viewer  to complete this course.

Course Duration:
Per day 1/2 hour course duration and you can complete this course with in 7 day.

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What we will teach you?

  • How to managed dedicated server for interspire.
  • How to install Interspire on your own email server.
  • How to install necessary addons on your server.
  • How to build IP based SMTP server for interspire.***
  • How to rotact IP on your email marketing server.
  • How to send email direct on INBOX only.
  • How to build html email template for server.
  • How to set up unsubscribe on your server.
  • How to set up your campaign professionally.
  • How to start your campaign by send unlimited.
  • How to collect email open and click report.
  • How to collect bounce and auto response email.

To complete this course you can build your own email server at very cheap rate. You can send email as much as you want by adding new smtp or IP only.

Why we we learn email marketing?
You should learn email marketing to promote your business online. Are you a freelancer? You can learn email marketing to start email marketing project. Are you an affiliate marketer? You should learn email marketing to promote your affiliate product through email marketing to increase sales of your product.

Why you have to learn from us?
Because we will teach you from team viewer and you can ask question if you don’t understand any lesson. We will teach you “interspire” email marketing which is very popular email marketing system and you can build own email server to this course. Also you can learn from us to know how to build email server at very cheap rate.

Contact this skype if you have any question
Skype: ohom.group

Are you looking for SMTP for your email marketing software or Interspire server?

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