We will send 500,000 email to campaign your service at only $80 – Limited time offer

We’ll build an email marketing server that can send 500,000 email per month / 500-1000 email per hour. We can send your 500,000 email campaign at only $80 but after send this amount of email you can renew your account at only 60$ for send again more 500,000 email.

  • Send 100,000 monthly at $30 (renew $18). Need 2 working days to start
  • Send 500,000 monthly at $80 (renew $60). Need 3 working days to start
  • Send 1000,000 monthly at $150 (renew $100). Need 5 working days to start

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Server details:-
The server we will made by “Interspire email marketer” script with dedicated SMTP server. So we can get those facility by this server.
1. Track campaign and collect open and click report.
2. Add an unsubscribe link on campaign.
3. Manually create an unsubscribe link on campaign.
4. Send by Scheduled so no need to wait until complete campaign. Because this can send automatically after make send command.
5. Create an eye catching email template by edit from default templates
6. Email sender id, Email reply id, Email bounce id we can set separately.
7. We can upload your template by only one click from another any hosted server.
bd email marketing

Who send campaign?
We’ll send your campaign from our email server. We’ll provide you a login panel after send your campaign to check our work. You can collect email open and click report from the server.

Why you should campaign from us?
Through the email marketing service you can campaign your small business. You can increase sell or get some customer back to campaign on your old customer’s email. You should need to campaign from us because,

  • We are able to hit inbox directly. You can check before start campaign.
  • Our freelance email marketer team are very much professional on email marketing. They help you to campaign by proper way. You can start email marketing even If you have no any idea on email marketing because you have to do nothing, Our team will be complete your project as you want.
  • We providing world cheapest rate on email marketing.

Contact on this skype for this service
Skype: “ohom.group

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